Resistant destroys manicure nails
 In recent years, we received a fashion manicure, which combines the quality of artificial nails durability with the convenience of conventional lacquers. Women were able to create a glossy manicure resistance reaches 2 weeks. Agree, just perfect for a vacation! In theory, a manicure not harm native nails, at least such as a gel or acrylic artificial nails.

However, recent studies conducted in the US show that this type of manicure, known as the "two-week" thins the nails, making them brittle and layers.

Dermatologists University School of Medicine in Miami undertook to investigate the matter after many women began to complain about the deterioration of the nail after use of coatings Shellac   and OPI Axxium . Dermatologist Andrea Chan   (Andrea Chen) measures the thickness of own nails with precision tools, before and after the manicure.

The results showed a significant thinning of the nail plate after the "two-week" manicure. However, it remains unclear what exactly injure nails: manicure itself or the process of removing the nails by soaking in a solution of acetone.   We know that much acetone dries nails.

The representative of the brand Shellac Samantha Sweet   (Samantha Sweet) states that if a professional manicurist produces stains and nail polish remover, nail problems of deterioration should not occur. Moreover, in her opinion, a manicure nourishes and strengthens nails. Samantha noticed that removal Shellac   need only moisten a cotton pad in acetone and hold it on the nail as much time as needed to soften the coating. And, of course, totally unacceptable "soak" hands in a bowl with acetone.

Dear readers, we ask you to share your experiences with coatings Shellac   and OPI Axxium . What was the condition of your nails after a manicure stubborn?


Author: Anna Shustrova