Special Care for fine hair of Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light
 Thin hair needs special care with tools that strengthen them at the same time giving the hair strength and lightness. However, many funds too aggravate hair, and if the hairstyle looks great in the morning, then late in the afternoon from her no trace remains. The use of devices for installation on time, solve the problem, but it can damage the hair structure, making them weak and brittle. Especially for owners of fine hair Pantene Pro-V represents an updated series Aqua Light, from which thin hair remain strong, but light on all day!

Pantene Pro-V   He cares about its buyers, and therefore presents a series of tools that meets all the needs of owners of fine hair - 100% power and 0% weighting in the morning and throughout the day. Pantene Pro-V   It is a four-system for the care of thin hair Aqua Light Which comprises shampoo, conditioner, spray   and two-minute mask Which retain the power and ease of the hair all day. They are so obedient hair and bulky that when walking or turning the head streaming magnificent waves.

Fresh Aqua Light   established in cooperation with international expert Professor Aramaki from the National University of Japan Yakogama . He developed a formula means that nourishes and moisturizes fine hair all day, leaving them deliciously light, strong and bulky.

"Women with thin hair need special care for them, as their hair in 2 times smaller in diameter than the rest, so it is easier exposed to damage. The formula that we developed, fills the hair strength and helps them to resist all possible negative impact " - Says Professor Aramaki .

 Special Care for fine hair of Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova