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 Summer, water, beach ... one of us, presenting his summer vacation, he thinks no active aquatic fun and enjoyable holiday on the coast? Who can forget to do a beach photo in order to vacation photos, save and these wonderful impressions? Perhaps those who refuse this - units. The rest can safely open their albums and select the best beach photos in order to participate and win in a new photo contest organized site and thus not dull holiday destination in Moscow - Kva-Kva Park.

Five winners of the future is waiting for a certificate for a family hike for positive emotions, joy, movement and relaxation in the "Kva-Kva Park."

Each of the three participants of the contest "All of the beach! "Whose beach photos will get majority votes members will receive a gift certificate for two to three-hour visit" Kva-Kva Park. "

Each of the two parties, whose photos will be the best in the opinion of the jury ( site administration and representatives of "Kva-Kva Park"), will receive a gift certificate for unlimited two with the possibility of a day in the "Kva-Kva Park!"

* Children up to four years (or an increase of up to 120 cm) can visit the "Kva-Kva Park 'with you without any additional processing. If your kids are older than four years old and above one hundred and twenty centimeters, the organizers of the contest winners will give additional certificates in order to rest in their "Kva-Kva Park" became a real family!

Holders of all types of certificates will be able to visit, if you wish, bath and sauna complex. The validity of the award certificate - strictly before 31 October 2012.

 Contest "All the beach" on

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Author: Marina Tumovskaya