Freshness and confidence, along with Head & Shoulders Sports Fresh
 For each athlete's Olympic Games - is the most important event in the life and career, and in anticipation of the start of the 2012 London each athlete to achieve the best results ever need support and confidence. Procter & Gamble in cooperation with the Olympic Committee supports the release of the special athletes of shampoo Head & Shoulders Sports Fresh in a special design. Symbolic images of various Olympic sports on the packaging are designed to demonstrate the brand's commitment to sport in general and the long-awaited Olympic Games

Even the strongest and most talented athletes sometimes need to recharge your self-confidence on the eve of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Head & Shoulders Sports Fresh   happy to take care of all of the immaculate appearance of hair athletes, without distracting them from their primary purpose. Cool and invigorating fragrance Sports Fresh   help them to refresh and recharge your batteries. And this is exactly what you need because our athletes to meet the expectations of their fans.

Underlying Sports Fresh   soft formula that is suitable for daily use and contains the ingredients necessary for healthy hair and scalp. ProClean technology prolongs the feeling of freshness after the shower, gently cleansing the hair and scalp from various types of pollution up to 30% more efficient. In addition, the formula contains a patented complex shampoo ActiZinc, the result of 50-year-olds Research Head & Shoulders, which is aimed at eliminating the causes of the problems of hair and scalp, eliminating them from dandruff. Result: Sports Fresh   gives endless freshness, purity, and getting rid of dandruff.

To instill confidence in athletes and in everyone who hope and joy of watching their performances, started cooperation brand Head & Shoulders and Russian high jumper Alexander Shustov campaign "Charge confidence» (Wash in confidence), dedicated to the Olympic Games in London.

"I'm excited to preparing for the first Olympic Games in my life. I hope, support and confidence, which I give loved ones, fans and the brand Head & Shoulders, help me with dignity, to defend the honor of the country,   - Says Alexander Shustov. - And thanks to the shampoo Head & Shoulders Sports Fresh I am confident that during my performances, millions of viewers will see my results, not a trace of dandruff on his shoulders " .

Aroma shampoo Head & Shoulders Sports Fresh   I created on the basis of the spirits: it contains the top, middle and base notes, which will help to feel a surge of energy, preserve the freshness throughout the day and stay at height in any situation.

It gives confidence to the national team, support it at the Olympics, and use Head & Shoulders Sports Fresh   always when you most need the freshness, energy and confidence.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila