Lady Gaga announced her first fragrance ad
 As you remember, the idea of ​​the debut fragrance flamboyant Lady Gaga titled «Fame» was held last month. And many were disappointed novelty. The composition of the original though, but not as risky as promised myself a pop star.

We waited for a fragrance that smells like sperm and blood, and was presented perfectly acceptable scent with notes of honey and belladonna.

But the advertising campaign will be bold. Naked Lady Gaga in sexy black mask, surrounded by small, black men as well as wanting the body of the star.

Photographed campaign - Steven Klein, has previously worked with Lady Gaga, in 2010 he directed the filming of the clip of the singer «Alejandro».

 Lady Gaga announced her first fragrance ad

Name smell «Fame», which can be translated as "glory." Lady Gaga herself said that the fragrance is designed for women, but like many of her gay friends.

The smell of the notes read many modern perfumes: honey, saffron, apricot, orchid, jasmine, belladonna. The bottle design is quite aggressive, especially metal parts, although the glass bulb is rounded and streamlined - in the form of eggs.

 Lady Gaga announced her first fragrance ad
Promotional poster of the new flavor, the photographer Steven Klein. Photos of Lady Gaga's Twitter, which posted the singer, telling her fans about the new product.

Author: Julia Gnedina