Maria Sharapova - our Olympic hope for the cover of gloss
 Maria Sharapova - the first time on the cover of Harper's Bazaar. The August issue of the Russian edition of the magazine will be released with the number one tennis player on the cover.

Rather, top-ranked Maria was at the time of the shooting, after winning the "Roland Garros". But miss Wimbledon (Maria came just before the quarter-finals), Maria has lost the top spot in the rankings. We hope lost for a short time. Because we believe that our beauty and athlete to win the Olympic Games in London, and will again be the number one tennis player in the world.

August Harper's Bazaar on sale from the end of July, and the appearance of Masha relevant than ever, because the Olympic Games in London will start on 27 July. And that Maria Sharapova will carry our flag at the opening ceremony of 30th Games. And it is quite symbolic. Maria used to be first in everything: in business, sports, fashion, and our team is also worthy to become the most-most.

 Maria Sharapova - our Olympic hope for the cover of gloss

Good luck to all of our Virgin Mary and the Olympic Games in London!

Author: Julia Gnedina