Created aroma of new Apple gadgets
 Apple fans from around the world say that the most exciting moment in their lives - is to unpack the new product Apple. And this time in a special smell.

A group of artists who called themselves Greatest Hits, decided that the scent of new Apple products to be captured for history. And it has created in collaboration with perfumers company Air Aroma. It took a few months.

The fragrance will be exhibited at the exhibition of contemporary art, which opens this Friday in Australia (Melbourne).

So what smells like Apple? Authors of the idea say that the smell is not be confused with anything. It's the scent that feels every unpacking new product from Apple: the smell of the box covered with polyethylene, the ink on the cardboard, the smell of paper and plastic parts, aluminum laptop flavor just came down from the Chinese assembly line, polystyrene, rubber and glue.

Fans products from Apple, for sure, will be the ecstasy of the new fragrance. But there is a second news is not so pleasant. Unfortunately, the new fragrance - it is a work of art rather than consumer goods, and it will be shown only at the show in Melbourne (from 20 April to 12 May). Although, who knows, if the project is a commercial success, perhaps, lovers of art and Apple gadgets will soon be able to buy a new smell in the bottle ...

Author: Julia Gnedina