Contest "Health and beauty with Braun»
 Natural beauty - the best way to become a star. And let your star shine even brighter this spring: a new photo contest on social network and Braun brand help in this! Said at our photo contest his portraits - three participants whose images most fully, in our understanding, represent a healthy natural beauty, will receive wonderful gifts from the sponsor of the contest, the brand Braun.

The main prize, a juicer Braun Multiquick   get a present Member State, the choice we have made together - the jury (representatives of the administration of the site and the sponsor of the contest) will select the winner from among the first ten participants whose pictures will gain the highest ranking in user voting. Contest "Health and beauty with Braun»
Juicers Braun Multiquick - a model of the famous German quality, reliability and German technology and excellent design solution. Sharp blade system "antikaplya" and ease of cleaning juicers turn this series into a perfect assistant for your health and beauty.

Another great prize of the brand Braun will receive a participant whose photo, in the opinion of the administration of the resource that best match the beautiful concept of "natural and healthy beauty." Gift it - Comb 7 BRAUN Satin Hair   technology IONTEC. Contest "Health and beauty with Braun»
This high-tech caring comb - to neutralize static electricity, and restore the natural balance of moisture in the hair that is damaged due to the adverse effects of the environment, the use of devices for the installation, as well as hair coloring.

The prize from the sponsors of the contest - rectifier of premium series Satin Hair get a present participant whose photo more like other representatives of the sponsor of the competition - the brand Braun. Contest "Health and beauty with Braun»
Rectifiers in this series are equipped with ionization technology Satin Ion Technology, who cares for hair while drying, straightening and curling. In the ordinary state of the hair have a positive charge.

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