The contest "Hot culinary masterpieces" on
 Company Hansa Povarё conducted in conjunction with competition among the recipes of hot dishes. This contest gives you the opportunity to compete in the preparation of hot dishes. This can be meat dishes, dishes from cereals, dishes of vegetables, mushrooms, legumes, poultry dishes, fish and seafood dishes from meat, egg dishes, various side dishes, casseroles, in a cauldron or in the microwave, as well as casseroles, pasta and flour dishes.

What will be assessed?   Filing and registration of dishes, serving, original recipes, are relevant to the competition.

- Registration counter at the thematic style of competition;
- Dish should correspond to the topics of the contest "hot dishes".

Recipes are accepted from April 5 to May 2, 2012   (inclusive).
The competition results will be announced: May 8, 2012 .

For the winners of the company Hansa   provided the following prizes:

1st place - Oven Hansa Series Fusion

 The contest "Hot culinary masterpieces" on

2nd place - Universal hood Hansa

 The contest "Hot culinary masterpieces" on

3rd place - Microwave Hansa

 The contest "Hot culinary masterpieces" on

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