ALUMINIUM SHOW. An amazing show. Iron
 For the first time in Russia!

Moscow Concert Hall "Cosmos", 6-25 March, beginning at 18:00

Saint-Petersburg, Palace of Culture. Leningrad City Council, 26 March - 1 April, beginning at 18:00

ALUMINIUM SHOW - one of the most stunning performances in the world for the entire family, which leads to the delight of both adults and children 5 years and older. With witty inventiveness It combines modern dance, visual theater, lighting effects and tons of aluminum. After its debut at the 2003 International Festival, ALUMINIUM SHOW gained world fame. Performance has been shown hundreds of times in all the major countries of the world and now ALUMINIUM SHOW finally come to Russia!

Once in the auditorium of the lights, begins an exciting journey unusual hero in the futuristic world of new technologies. Breathing life into industrial materials and aluminum scrap, talented actors and dancers tell the story of "a young car," lost their parents. During the trip, she finds a lot of adventures and even a friend - a man who is doing everything possible to bring her back home safe and sound.

The show uses recycled industrial enterprises, of which the costumes of actors, stage equipment, and even unusual interactive products that can touch the audience during the presentation. Industrial materials are used in a surprising new context, combined with visual lighting effects and unusual music.

 ALUMINIUM SHOW. An amazing show. Iron

 ALUMINIUM SHOW. An amazing show. Iron

ALUMINIUM SHOW - best entertainment performance you've ever seen!

Author: Julia Gnedina