Keep pace with the trends of tomorrow thanks to Wella Pro Series
 What woman does not want to dilute the daily routine of the podium and the atmosphere of high fashion? Today, this goal can be easily achieved, even without visiting the salon. The market leader in professional hair cosmetics - Wella gives women Wella Pro - a series of products for self-use, by which hair will look like after leaving the salon

All funds Wella Pro Series developed and tested in the same laboratory as the professional cosmetics Wella. Tools Pro Series are favorable cost, easy to use and designed for women who do not know the secrets of hairdressing skills.

A complex approach

The soft shape and iridescent colors - this is what lies at the basis of the latest trend of the Wella. This image pays tribute to the merging of fashion, beauty and technological innovations of tomorrow. The new spring-zima'11 stylists abandoned beach matte shades of past seasons, taking a course to a bright intense glow that embodies luxury and well-groomed hair health that capture the imagination even without stacking.

Creating an image is impossible without an integrated approach, so preparation and hair care are no less important than coloring and styling. It is proper care plays a key role in creating the effect of healthy hair.

"A suitable paint, care and styling have to go in tandem to ensure instant and noticeable results, while helping to maintain a healthy condition of your hair" - Explains Dr. Frauke Noyzer, chief scientist for P & G Beauty.

Healthy glow

To ensure the necessary care, providing hair a healthy glow, you can help moisturizing shampoo and conditioner from Wella Pro Series.

Sascha Breuer, an international expert Wella comments: "Professional products Wella - the gold standard of hair care for many consumers, but not all women have the opportunity to visit the salon. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner from Wella Pro Series are specially designed to give women and sensations as a result of visiting the interior, providing the required level of moisture that fills the life and health of the hair shine even in home care " .

The products contain fatty alcohols are normally used in expensive humectant, as they provide a balance of wetting softness. Also, their structure includes guar, which covers the thin film of the hair, making it softer and smoother. These caring ingredients give the hair a luxurious look and the ability to reflect light. Give blond hair a luxurious look and charming rebelliousness with a moisturizing shampoo and balm-conditioner Wella Pro Series.

3 steps to create an image of Wella

"Wella Trends have their own signature style, showing elegant, clean images thanks to touches that give strength and brightness, and at the same time, smooth shine and shimmer smooth, - says Alexander. - It is fresh and elegant image with a luminous light shades that emit healthy hair - all welcome trend with a lot of variations available " .

Thanks to Wella Pro products you will be able to reach the modern way, inspired both sensuality and scientific innovation.

International expert Sascha Breuer Wella offers you 3 easy steps on the path to perfection. Follow them choosing from the variety of products for coloring, care and styling option that is perfect for your hair type for use in the home.

Step 1: Paint-mousse Wellaton   It offers a wide range of bright colors that give your hair shine and luster after dyeing.

Step 2: Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner Wella Pro Series   It helps maintain moisture balance and provides incredible smoothness. The shampoo that does not contain silicone, does not weigh down the hair and, thanks to a special polymer, gently caring for them. Lite-rinse formula of balm contains the amino silicones, which make it easier to comb and give the hair soft and silky.

Step 3: Collection Wellaflex for heat styling   consists of a mousse, cream and nail polish, suitable for different hair types, will smooth the hair and makes styling easier.

Using shampoos and balms-conditioners Wella Pro Series, you will be able to keep up with the current trends of the coming season, created to conquer the catwalks and pages of gossip.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila