Preparing for spring and March 8 with Beauty Club!
 The days are getting longer, the nights are shorter in the wardrobe begins a desperate struggle winter sweater with light blouses and dresses, workaday mood gets some special playful touch ... You know what it says? Ahead of the long-awaited spring and its main holiday - March 8! And even if there is snow on the street, but the thermometer does not rise above 5, but we know that spring is on the way. And while it's in the way, we suggest you choose a gift to the International Women's Day, and at the same time learn, without which it would be difficult to do in the coming season.

1. Perfumery   - Where the same without her. Even in ancient times it attached great importance to the flavors. They are made from herbs, flowers, mixed and used in various ceremonies, as a defense, and of course, to attract the opposite sex. Eventually perfumes lost its sacred meaning, but it has not affected its popularity. And today it is an integral part of the image of any woman, and a great gift for any holiday. Towards spring, adventure and romance - this should be the motto of every woman! And it will help to support the scents Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Guerlain, Lanvin, La martina, Penhaligon.

 Preparing for spring and March 8 with Beauty Club!
   2. Cosmetics for skin care   It is necessary in any case, especially in spring, when the body begins to resist the vagaries of weather and to throw out their dissatisfaction with the outside: there is peeling, acne, pigmentation and other minor troubles, which can be easily avoided. Treat yourself and your loved ones a comprehensive program of care: Cleansing Milk, barrier creams, moisturizing and toning lotion and mask. All this is in the lines of AHAVA, Algologie, Katlin, Spa Siam, Beauty Style, Premium, Yokota Lab and other brands. If you have any difficulties with the selection of means and the determination of skin type, our beauticians are always ready to advise you.

3. You can not deprive the attention and hands - it is the calling card of any person. Get yourself as a gift creams and lotions for hands Sally Hansen, OPI or colorful lacquers INM, Aurelia. And rest assured, you will always be on a wave of good mood and success.

 Preparing for spring and March 8 with Beauty Club!
 4. Another alternative is to decorative cosmetics . All kinds of shadows, glosses, mascara IsaDora, Poetea, Yllozure - all profitable emphasize the natural beauty and in its place the necessary emphasis.

5. Means for hair care Still relevant. And in principle, shampoos, conditioners, masks, lacquer, or even something in this series there will always use. That is why it can be both a wonderful personal gift, and a gift for mom or girlfriend. Pay attention to hair care Brelil Professional, Dikson, Moltobene, Lebel Cosmetics.

6. Also do not forget about the technique: stylers and hair dryers   Babyliss, Ga.Ma. They hairstyle will look perfect, and the time that we women spend on it to pack up and get out into the light, is significantly reduced. So, men, take note of this!

 Preparing for spring and March 8 with Beauty Club!
 7. Bags, umbrellas, tights, stockings, wraps - all this is also necessary and can be very useful coming spring. Bright, colorful, and inviting paint flirty these accessories not only complement but also create a special, really magical aura that will charge the owner of his energy and good mood.

If you read this far, you still have not decided on a spring present for yourself, your girlfriend, or mom, then visit our section "Gifts" - there you are sure to find what you are looking!

Author: Julia Gnedina