We invite you to our offices in popular social networks!
 Who among us has ever let not made a personal page in one of the most popular social networks? We write in LJ, looking for school friends and classmates, put the "Like" liked the news on Facebook, announces itself as one line on Twitter, do not lose touch inContact and mark favorite places in MirTesen. Now MyCharm.ru will be next to you in these services!

Join the community, subscribe to our pages, put the "Like" our materials!

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Why do we need to unite and within offices off-site? Everything is very simple!
- You can always invite these communities (or recommend a page) to your friends, which is not on MyCharm.ru. Sometimes there are reasons for which we can not shy or invite someone from friends directly on MyCharm.ru. A recommendation of our representation within the social network, which already communicate your friends - a good option in order to gently point the way, leaving his friends to decide whether to come to our website in order to become its full member.

- Noting our pages and materials to them in social networks, "Like", "class" or in any other way, you allow your friends to find out about them, and the site - has become a popular name among the people to whom it may be of interest. In addition, a positive assessment is we are very, very nice - believe me, and we want to know that you have value. Since we are constantly updating our pages, you will be able to celebrate the new material on a regular basis - say, if you really like and should be encouraged.

- In the event of unforeseen technical work on our website or failures in its work, you can always have a chat with friends in the network, and we, in turn, will try to quickly provide information about the causes of failures and, most importantly, the exact timing of the recovery work - to you do not worry.

- Entries in our offices almost completely repeated the materials of our website - many of you will be interested to read our updates and social networking feeds.

The addition of basic materials in most offices is limited - they can be added only by administrators and moderators. This is done in order to prevent the occurrence of the major belts in non-thematic materials and protect against spam pages - Unfortunately, this evil is very common in the major social networks.

Follow the links above and join us!

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina