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 New Year - the most cheerful holiday, while children's matinees and family entertainment. During this period, the camera is not set aside, and the family album is replenished not only beautiful, but also kazusnymi, fun and funny photos. Do you want to get tickets to the bright and colorful show "Cheburashka invites friends"   in Moscow?

Then immediately open galleries in search of the funniest pictures and share them with all of us - in fact Country Mom, together with production center   "Seventh Rainbow"   holds a competition for the funniest photo "Cheburashka invites friends". 15 families of the winners will receive a free ticket for 3 on a grand performance in the concert hall "Crocus City Hall"!

 Country New Competition

The mystery of the century, which occupied the minds of children and adults, will finally be revealed! The creator of the famous fairytale character Eduard Uspensky has decided to open the main secret of his story about Cheburashka. Who is he? Location? Where and why his family decided to return home Cheburashka? You can find this out only on New Year's fairy show "Cheburashka invite friends! "   in the concert hall "Crocus City Hall" from December 24, 2011 to January 8, 2012

This year the audience will see Absolutely unique and unlike previous events   show featuring the world's best show of soap bubbles Yang Fan (Fan Yang) and the famous clown theater "Actors".

Loved by millions of Russians with a crocodile Gena Cheburashka New Year's Eve goes to a fascinating journey to their homeland. Find the way our friends can help the incredible fairy-tale characters, magic soap bubbles and the audience in the hall!

You will:

- Event with a budget of more than $ 3 million!

- The grand show of soap bubbles unsurpassed magician from Canada Yang Fan (Fan Yang), the holder of 16 Guinness World Records;

- Spatial virtual 3D-animation on the big screen, five-meter sets and costumes!

- Speech Theater Clown "Actors" and Leonid Leikin with the most famous in the world numbered "Ay-ay! »And« Blue Canary ";

- The original of the famous circus «Global Circus»;

- Trained circus animals;

- Cartoon magical laser show;

- Participation of children's ensemble "Domisolka";

- Presentation of the book by E. Uspensky "The Village" New Cheburashi ";

- 4 animation and play areas in the lobby;

- and many many others.

This time, the organizers have created the show, designed for all ages and audiences. The audience will be surprised new rooms, an unusual story, a beautiful original music, expensive decorations and unique costumes and special effects and stunts . Our motto this year - even more scenery and costumes, artists and even more extras in the scene, even more bubbles and laser effects.

"The highlight of" New Year's program will travel around the world mega-bubble show «Gazillion Bubble Show» Fan Yang famous . To this end, Russia is brought a trailer with the equipment for a few million dollars. The spectacle is truly fantastic-planned magical.

In the view of the famous participating «Global Circus» and soloists «Cirque du Solei» . The world is waiting for the Prime Minister   unique circus act - "Pearl" Created especially for the New Year's show at Crocus.

Be sure - the second time will not happen again!

Read the rules and participate here

 Country New Competition

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