Gloss and Photoshop: a new scandal
 When women rule in Photoshop to improve their shape, this is understandable. Cleaned wrinkles, excess weight, cellulite ... - this practice is fully justified. But Pakistani model got a completely different situation: she appeared on the cover of men's publications completely naked, and says that he never posed naked and her body've added the designers of the magazine.

Pakistan actress Vina Malik appeared on the cover of the Indian edition of FHM (December issue). At home, the actress, in Pakistan, it has caused a wave of indignation, even those interested in special services of the country.

But Miss Malik categorically denies that posed nude for men's magazines. 33-year-old star says she've added the naked body. The actress is going to prove his innocence in court.

However, the editor of the magazine FHM (India), Kabeer Sharma insists otherwise. He says that his designers did not rule, and the editor can prove the authenticity of the picture: "We have a video of the photo shoot but it has an e-mail from the actress, who asked when the picture appears on the cover."

 Gloss and Photoshop: a new scandal

And it seems that the editor is right and Pakistani statement - another attempt to draw attention to themselves and their views. Wines Malik reputed controversial person in Pakistan. It is constantly fighting against the wearing of the veil by women. In January, he argued about it with the clergy, appeared in provocative jeans before the mufti of the country. In addition, constantly come into conflict with the priests, accusing them of cruelty to children and insults women.

Author: Julia Gnedina