Men should eat more fruit and less red meat
 If your family is dreaming about the children, you should pay attention to such factors as diet husband. Experts argue that sperm quality can significantly improve the chances of conception, and to improve the quality of the need to follow certain dietary rules.

The decrease in sperm concentration results in poor diet and obesity. These factors also affect sperm motility. Proper diet significantly increases the chances of conceiving, experts say.

Fruits and grains are an important part of male power that improves the quality of sperm. But should eliminate red meat, coffee and alcohol.

Currently, so-called "male factor" in the treatment of infertility plays a very big difference. If earlier it was believed that virtually all depends on the woman, and the inability to conceive is often associated with obesity, smoking and alcohol, but now it turns out that the same requirements must be presented to the partners.

The researchers argue that the concentration of sperm adversely affected by such factors as body mass index and alcohol consumption. A positive effect on the concentration and motility of spermatozoa observed from consumption of grains, as well as the fractional power (when the number of meals per day increases and decreases the size of plates). This said lead researcher Edson Borges IVF, works in São Paulo, as well as his colleagues in the UK. He studied 250 men who were in his IVF. His results are encouraging! A diet high in fruits and cereal increases the chances of conception because the sperm quality is improved by more than 40%.

Author: Julia Gnedina