- become one of the first participants of the community about fashion
 Tired of the monotony? I want something new and unusual? Then we have for you some great news! Preparing the opening of a brand new project about fashion and style, which will be a variety of convenient services that have no analogues in RuNet. And, of course, the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčcommunication on current and favorite themes! We invite dandies and ladies to participate in the project Sign up and participate in the life of the fashion community. You will find many interesting themes, lots of fun and prizes from brands - "masters" of fashion and style.

So, what can be found on our website?
- R aznoobraznuyu information on fashion trends, must-have of every season, reviews the collections of famous designers.
- E In the European, Asian, Russian fashion in the context of - stories about who's who in the fashion world, how to get into the world of fashion, to join him and succeed.
- A yubye questions about fashion and style and their answers to our experts, among them - the successful image makers, fashion designers and others involved in the fashion experts.
- In nikalnye articles and workshops on production and redesign clothes, bags, jewelry.
- K onkursy for the best publications, workshops, photos with cash and prizes.

Who can join? First of all, we invite the wearer other successful sites "MediaForta":
- Women's magazine
- Culinary portal
- Community mothers
- A social network for writers
- Portal beauty
- Handmade portal
- A social network for slim and want them to become

They have benefited from our projects have been recognized and rewarded with regular cash and valuable prizes in competitions organized. Also, we will be glad to all new participants, for which our site (we are firmly convinced of this!) Will be the most pleasant discovery that will change their lives once and for all, giving it a new fashionable sound, filling the successful color combinations and create the perfect mood.

And, of course, it's not all that we want to offer you. The rest you know when "the curtain falls." Leave your e-mail, and we invite you to the opening of the project. Then that will most genuine representation. Take one of the best places in the front row here .

Author: Julia Gnedina