As in look 50 ... 18
 Known advertising slogan about the fact that 50 you can look at 35, is not so impossible after you look at the photos of Paul McCartney's new wife now (51) and 34 years ago (at age 18).

The British press has "unearthed" the school photo Nancy Shevell, Paul McCartney's new wife. I came to the conclusion that a woman over the years only prettier.

How can we look like at 51?

Here is a photo made in 1977 after graduating from high school in Edison, New Jersey. And, according to the journalists, the secret of youth - in plastic surgery.

When compared with the way Nancy looks now, it is clear that the new Mrs. McCartney exactly make for yourself an operation to straighten the nose, and also adjust veneered teeth and the lower part of the face.

 As in look 50 ... 18

 As in look 50 ... 18

On this basis, it can be assumed that Nancy, having a lack of money, and certainly did face-lift, and regularly attends cosmetologist. That's the whole secret of youth. Although her optimism and positivity bribe, and, hopefully, they were key factors in prolonging youth.

Nancy Shevell at the time was the only woman, adopted at Arizona State University on a specialty in the field of transport. She is now vice president of the family shipping company. She has grown 19-year-old son from his first marriage to attorney Bruce Bleyumanom.

The total income of Nancy and Paul now stands at 700 million pounds.

Photo: DailyMail

Author: Julia Gnedina