False eyelashes for men ...
 We are not surprised and concepts gaylayner menskara and now appeared gaylashes. You may not understand what it was about?

So in the world of beauty products for men called the makeup:

- Gaylayner, in English guyliner (guy - the guy, liner - pencil, eyeliner), is a male eyeliner.
- Menskara, manscara, pereinachenny word mascara (mascara), only here the word «man» (male), and a male mascara.
- Gaylashes, in English guylashes, (guy - man, lashes - lashes), false eyelashes for men.

British brand Eylure went to meet men, which is not enough simply to use eye liner, and proposed a new product - false eyelashes for men. It is worth the novelty 4, £ 75 for a pair (6, $ 5). They are now sold throughout the UK. There are two versions - thick and thin, both options are attached by an invisible adhesive tape and promise to present "Hollywood look" to the owner.

 False eyelashes for men ...

It is worth noting that it is for the Europeans can become news. But the Asian market is saturated with different false eyelashes. The fact that the average length of the lashes of the Japanese have a total of 5, 8 mm, and is twice as less than in Europe. Japanese men have long been wearing false eyelashes. For example, in 2008, the newspaper Japan Times wrote that at a party in honor of the brand Shu Uemura Tokyo men with fake eyelashes were more than women.

As for the Europeans, the product is of great interest, men buy false eyelashes. The owners of shops selling lashes for men, noted the increasing popularity of new items.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina