Gene overweight can win
 Nutritionists and therapists, we have repeatedly said that the tendency to gain weight incorporated many of us from birth. DNA carry this information, and it seems like nothing can be done about. However, experts have found that we are not slaves to their genes when it comes to excess weight.

Women prone to be overweight due to genes, knowingly refuse to fight against excess weight, thinking that they are powerless to deal with the weight. Good physical activity helps to melt even very large fat accumulation, and even those who have inherited the notorious "obesity gene".

Scientists at Cambridge University studied 220 000 people from around the world came to an encouraging conclusion. Those who do not deprive themselves of good physical activity significantly reduces the effect of obesity genes.

The chances of getting obesity, if you are genetically prone to obesity and do not move to be increased by 69%, compared with those having such genes continued physical activity.

Author: Julia Gnedina