Healthy hair volume with a new hair-brush from Philips
 Philips has introduced a new hair-brush Dynamic Volume Brush HP8665, which allows you to quickly create a three-dimensional installation, carefully acting on the hair. By using a natural bristle hair is smooth and shiny, and will not be electrified.

Caring for the health of your hair, experts from Philips equipped the new three drying modes, including a special mode «Care», which allows you to style your hair at a temperature of 55ºC - recommended by experts the optimum temperature for safe hair care.

The function of ionization and a special ceramic coating hair stylers HP8665 provide additional hair a healthy shine and surprising softness and prevent tangling.

 Healthy hair volume with a new hair-brush from Philips

The ergonomic handle design and a convenient location spin button makes it easy to change the direction of rotation of the brush, thus allowing to make almost any installation.

New hair stylers Dynamic Volume Brush HP8665   help create a classic or avant-garde styling volume quickly and easily. The presence of two brushes of different sizes allows you to create soft waves or curls more noticeable. But most importantly - your installation will continue until the evening, and his hair will remain healthy thanks to the professional quality of the instrument.

The market value will be: 2 590 rubles.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila