L'Oréal invented pills gray
 Soon natural gray hair will become a rarity, because women and men all over the world will be an effective means for the prevention of gray hair.

L'Oréal experts promise that the tablet from the gray will be developed over the next four years. It is a seemingly ordinary dietary supplement. And not expensive, this assured Bruno Bernard, a representative of L'Oréal.

The company expects that women and men all over the world interested in innovation and will take the pill with the youth, because the main task of the tablet from the gray - prophylaxis, turn the already started process of reversal is not possible, unfortunately (I'm disappointed, it seems, this innovation is not for me) .

Along with L'Oréal, International Organization dermatologists conducting similar research on the tablets of gray hair, and intends to present its conclusions in 2013.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina