People have become much less move in the last 15 years
 Scientists are sounding the alarm: people began to move very little in recent years. Walking go negligible. Cars drove from our usual items for human locomotor activity. What does it lead to?

Experts from the World Cancer Research Fund expressed concern that the physical activity of people is reduced. According to them, it increases the risk of cancer and chronic diseases. Scientists studying cancer, called for moderate physical activity at least 30 minutes a day.

One reason for the decrease in physical activity experts have called the development of road transport. Walking was not popular. Almost two thirds of all its modern movement a person makes a car. And if it goes on foot, on a very short distance.

British scientists have confirmed. Only 41% of UK residents are walking more than three times a week.

Dr Rachel Thompson from the World Research Cancer Fund: "According to our estimates, more than 10 000 cases of breast cancer and bowel cancer could be prevented each year in the UK would eat people were more active lifestyle."

And of particular concern is the fact that people do not replace walking some other activity. That is, by car, most likely in the coming years, we will not give up. But think about than compensate for the lack walks - worth.

Author: Julia Gnedina