Slimming need just 20 minutes of exercise a day
 Thanks to the many celebrities have grasped the idea that the more intense the exercise, the better results in the fight against excess weight. But do not rush to follow! It turns out that we need to lose weight is not much.

By the way, not all celebrities insist on time and hour and a half of daily exercises. For example, Jennifer Aniston says that runs daily 22-minute session of cardio exercises. A supermodel Helena Christensen says: "I quite 20 minutes of exercise for the heart to maintain the shape."

Scientists confirm that a 20-minute cardio session is more effective than a 40-minute session of exercise at a slower pace.

This is a fairly intense 20-minute exercise with sweating and rapid breathing (running, biking, etc.). In this case, you can accurately speak of their greater efficiency than 40-45-minute session of yoga, strength training and aerobics or dance.

True, it is necessary to warn: Do not just rush into an intense pace. Increase the intensity gradually. Do not start right away with a sprint, it is dangerous to health.

So, ideally a week have five 20-minute workouts with cardio load: running, walking, cycling.

Author: Julia Gnedina