The action "Kindergarten - every kid! ": Results
 Magazine, "Mom, it's me! "And the portal to the future and young mothers sum up the All-Russia action" Kindergarten - every kid! "

It's no secret how difficult is now in many regions of our country to write the kid in kindergarten. Mommy rise in turn to write to kindergartens almost at the hospital, there are many thousands of years in the lines, trying to hook or by crook to get a seat, and as a result - not all kids get into the coveted preschool. Meanwhile, pre-school education, we should be free and accessible to all citizens - is guaranteed by the Constitution of Russia (Article 43), and supports the Federal Law of 24.07.1998 №124-FZ of "On Basic Guarantees of the Rights of the Child in the Russian Federation ".

The reasons for this situation with kindergartens are on the surface and repeatedly voiced, including representatives of the authorities at all levels. From 1990 to 1999, the birth rate in Russia graph shows the dismal failure - to give new life to the little man in an unstable situation and economy in the country risked a few. However, the birth rate for more than 10 years is growing. For example, in August 2011 in Moscow and it did set a record. What is the reason that nurseries are still sorely lacking?

We got the answer when held a rally "Kindergarten - every kid! "

Social action "Kindergarten every child" was conducted by the magazine "Mom, it's me! " portal and publishing house" EDIPRESSE-KONLIGA »( from 9 August 2010 to 31 March 2011. During this time, any visitor could be placed on the site pictures of the building, where once there was a kindergarten, address and a description of what is now located in this building or on the site. During the first 9 months of the action we have 353 addresses from different regions of the country.

As a result of the action we have prepared and sent a letter to the Prosecutor General, to which was attached a list of all the addresses of former kindergartens, submitted by readers of the magazine, "Mom, it's me! "And users of the site The text of our treatment can be found at

Within a few months, we have received responses from the regions of Russia. By October 1, 2011, we received 41 official response - one of the General Prosecutor's Office and 40 - from the prosecutor's office area.

What is the outcome?

21 region:   or no violations or grounds for the prosecutor's intervention is not available, or the statute of limitations came.
7 regions:   in connection with the violation of one / several of the addresses made head of the district representation, which is under consideration.
1 region:   It addresses the issue of presenting a claim to oblige the administration to organize additional preschools.
2 Region:   Satisfied claim Prosecutor requesting the administration to take measures to ensure the right to a publicly available pre-school education through the creation of pre-school educational institution.
4 Region:   Prosecutor sent a petition to the court demanding the return of the building of a kindergarten in the municipal property
5 regions:   The situations are different, some develop in a favorable direction - ie, Gardens convey to the city, reconstructed, etc.

Why do the majority of addresses we received this response: "The reason for the prosecutor's response is not"?

First.   Since 1990, with the motivation "because of understaffing" (one of the answers is, even this formulation: "due to natural causes") empty buildings kindergartens began to clean up their hands - at best, government agencies, and at worst - buildings were privatized by private organizations and used entirely for other purposes.

Second.   Please note that in most cases, the transfer of ownership took place according to the laws of the Russian Federation. And building back his ancestral function legally no longer possible. Even if there were a violation, then return to the building of a kindergarten still can not be either due to expiration of statute of limitations (which by our laws is three years), or in connection with legitimate reasons: the building houses other state institutions, associated with the formation or social activities (children's art schools, associations and social assistance, etc.)

Third.   There are cases where such areas can be returned to the federal property (we are talking about the state and departmental gardens) and to restore normal kindergarten - in some places these processes are already under way, ie kindergarten will appear again at the old place. In other cases, as recognized by, for example, the prosecutor's office in Moscow, "the return of the property is delayed." Sometimes for several years.

It is good that the government understands the full scope of the problem and began to take the necessary action. Since October 17, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with the leadership of the Federation Council, said that an urgent need "a screaming problem as providing places in kindergartens." However, the authorities acknowledge that the allocated funds is still not enough.

The organizers are convinced that to solve the problem of a shortage of kindergartens can create around it a wide public resonance. And propose measures to help solve this problem.

We offer
1. Promulgate   data on vacant federal and municipal non-residential areas, and to oblige the federal and municipal governments to give priority to the establishment of them preschool educational institutions (preschool).
2. Enlarge   government funding for pre-school and school education.
3. To curb corruption Associated with preschool and school education. Now bribe for entry into kindergarten is from 20 to 150 thousand rubles.
4. Enter   clear and transparent system of records in preschool (including clearly defined privileged categories), which would eliminate the possibility of abuse in the field, as well as tight control of federal law enforcement on the ground.
5. Provide   at the federal level, decent benefits to parents who were not able legitimately to arrange child in kindergarten, or enter the abolition of taxes for those parents.
6. Create conditions , Including to provide the legal framework for the development of alternative networks are available pre-school educational institutions (private kindergartens).

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All answers from the General Prosecutor's Office and the prosecutors of regions can be found here: