A new collection of Old Spice
 Which fragrance Old Spice is right for your man? Let's dream a little ...

It is in the territory Danger Zone   Old Spice from the Moors to the ocean, bravely going through the violent storm. Clicking fingers - and he finds in the jungle, save the defenseless little animals of the forest fires. He applauds the crowd grateful natives.

 A new collection of Old Spice
 And here he is in the cloud Noir   by Old Spice gallantly opens the door in front of you to the residence of the Queen of England, slowly at a dinner party. All conquered his charm and charisma, not to mention the excellent manner.

 A new collection of Old Spice
 Knocks down a wave White Water   by Old Spice - and suddenly he finds himself in a nightclub where everyone gasp in admiration, listening as he masterfully brings the plate. He slowly walks away, leaving behind a trail of fragrance White Water   by Old Spice, and all the whispering - where is he?

However, the fact that the other - just a dream can easily become a reality! After all, Old Spice has created three incredible flavor - Danger Zone . Noir   and White Water . According to studies *:

1) An intriguing fragrance Noir   from the Old Spice man makes irresistible in the eyes of women **
2) A daring fragrance White Water   by Old Spice will his body in perfect shape after the first application ***
3) Reckless fragrance Danger Zone   by Old Spice teach him to move in space and time ****

* Research conducted among 1 million fictional men
** This is such an obvious fact that research proved
*** It is not true, but who cares when it is so smell of Old Spice?
**** At the moment NATO does not disclose the final results of the relationship Old Spice and the possibility of teleportation, but the men of our advertising is to somehow make

So what's the smell of a real man? Not what you think! Spray deodorant Danger Zone . Noir   and White Water   by Old Spice - this is the bright flavor, which gives man extraordinary, that every woman Unlike thousands of others.

Aromas Noir . Danger Zone   and White Water   They are not only a ticket to incredible new reality, but also a great addition to the traditional collections of Old Spice.

Down with the impersonal, dullness and boredom, long live the bright personality, provocation and a lot of your most unexpected incarnations!

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila