Conference with a doctor allergist-immunologist
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We are all concerned questions: how and when to vaccinate correctly, the possibility of allergic reactions in children to certain foods, at what age can do allergy tests, how to improve the immunity of the child - a lot of questions, but where to get the answers? This will help us to doctor Tatiana Vyacheslavovna Semenycheva.

Her specialization: Pediatrics, Allergology and Immunology. Children's doctor allergist-immunologist, head of the department of outpatient pediatrics. Education: Medical University with honors; Residency in Clinical Allergy and Immunology with honors; certified in pediatrics and allergist-immunologist; numerous advanced training courses.

Experience in pediatric immunology and allergy-- 15 years.

Scope of practice: Allergy and Immunology, including young children; pediatrics. She has participated in numerous workshops in Russia and abroad (Germany). There are print jobs - articles in medical and scientific and popular publications.

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Author: Country moms