Contest "Why color flowers do not grow? "
 Do you love pigtails braid my daughter? Or granddaughter? Coming up with the most interesting for the baby boy's hairstyle? Or maybe, your little miracle somehow managed to create something with your hair? Then you here!

Look for funny or interesting photos of children's hair, if your photo archive there are no photos, make photo of your baby and win a prize!

The winner will receive a rectifier ProCare Keratin HP8361 .

The prize for second place - hair dryer Philips SalonDry AC Pro HP8195 .

Author, took the third place will be awarded styler NaturalStraight HP829 .

So, all in the new contest, devoted, dedicated to children's haircuts. Submit a photo of your child with an interesting hairdo and win prizes from the brand Philips.

 Contest "Why color flowers do not grow? "

Rectifier ProCare Keratin HP8361 , Restore natural shine and will create a stylish styling every day.

Restore the natural shine with a new rectifier Philips ProCare Keratin HP8361.

Hairdryer Philips SalonDry AC Pro HP8195   technology Best Care Technology®, take care of the beauty and health of the hair and protect them from damage.

Technology Best Care Technology® allows you to quickly and gently dry your hair, so you should not worry about overheating and damage. Thanks to ColdShot quench hair after drying is immediately ready for installation.

With Styler NaturalStraight HP829   from Philips, you can easily create an image with straight hair, which do not lose volume.

The innovative brush and ceramic coated plates with smooth hair, giving it volume and natural shine. Philips NaturalStraight also has the function of adjusting the tension of the hair, which allows them to smooth out without snarling.

Competition "Why do not grow on the head of flowers? "   It is carried out   July 5 to August 5, 2011 . Acceptance of entries is done 00:00 July 5, 2011 23:59 July 19, 2011 . Voting for the work it will be possible to 00:00 July 20, 2011 23:59 August 5, 2011 .

The competition involved pictures of children under 15, they may be placed female registered users of social network

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