Contests on Diets
 Announcements of new tenders social network for slimming, August 2011.

Contact lenses have changed the lives of millions of people worldwide. This is not surprising, because the vision - the most important of the five senses with which we have more than 80% of all the information about the world. When a person with imperfect eyesight begins to wear contact lenses for him as if a whole new world - a huge, bright and endlessly surprising. Did you - one of these people? The company Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of contact lenses ACUVUE®, announces a competition! Share your story about how contact lenses have changed your life, have helped to reach new peaks (in work, hobbies, sports and other areas), or even given the opportunity to realize a dream! The authors of the best stories will be a special prize - from beach mats ACUVUE®!

Being the most common fruit in the world (after Apple), green cucumber pupyrchatoy every summer gaining our refrigerators and stomachs. In the country, on a picnic, in a train compartment on the way to the edge of the holiday - we podkreplaem their forces this summer vegetables. No cucumber does not manage summer casual or festive meal, whether it is fresh, fresh from the garden, or saline at the bank last year. Social network Röndell GmbH and the company invites you to participate in a new culinary competition in the pages of our network!
The contest "Day of cucumber" on will be held from 25 July to 25 August 2011. Place in the competitive group "Day of cucumber" now Röndell ". Recipes with cucumber that loves your family, and get one of the prizes from the company Röndell!