Diet drinks thick!
 This is a good idea - drinks without calories or low in calories! However, do not take the time to continue to drink Diet Coke and 7UP. First read the results of a new study. It turns out that diet drinks may actually gain weight!

The American Diabetes Association has provided the results of the next study. It was attended by 470 people over 60 years. It was found that those who drank the last 10 years, diet drinks, increased the size of their waist at 70%, as opposed to those who did not consume diet soda. Those who drank more than 2 cans of diet drinks a day, significantly gained weight, was diagnosed with "obesity".

Of course, this study does not say that to blame only Diet Coke. Since it is not investigated, that it ate more, those who gained weight. Maybe they ate fatty foods, and those who refused to Coke, eating vegetables and organic food.

However, these studies do not ignore the cost. As they once again confirmed by other experiments conducted in mice and rats, according to which artificial sweeteners do not give us any advantage. Moreover, they are actually encouraged to consume more calories, so say study.

So, water, plain water - probably the best drink at any time.

Author: Julia Gnedina