Fa NutriSkin: care from head to toe
 Fa represents a new line of integrated tools for skin care body

When choosing cosmetics for the body, we aim to provide comprehensive care to the skin. Care of the skin - the largest organ of the body - we trust only the most reliable products, which are mainly assured by 100%. Among the criteria for selection of "their" cosmetics - the ability of funds to provide the necessary skin nutrition and hydration, caring properties and maximum efficiency. But how to choose products that do not only care for skin, but also in harmony with each other? Will favorite brand Fa!

Fa   - The world famous brand tools for body care - intends to simplify the task for his loyal fans, and to help women find their way in a variety of cosmetic products. In May 2011, the brand is Fa NutriSkin line with 7 caring ingredients   for complex skin care body. Among the new products every woman will be able to choose effective means which will give the necessary care and skin care. In line Fa NutriSkin   includes shower gels, bubble bath, bar or liquid soaps, deodorants, antiperspirants, as well as an absolute novelty for the brand - gentle body lotion.

The three stages of integrated care with Fa NutriSkin

 Fa NutriSkin: care from head to toe
 Step 1: Gentle cleansing

With a collection of shower gels, bubble bath and soaps Fa NutriSkin   Daily water treatment will become much more enjoyable. Liquid and bar soaps   gently cleanses the skin and gives freshness. With fragrant shower gels   so easy to start the morning in a good mood and get a charge of vivacity and tender bath foam   It helps relax at the end of an interesting day.

Thanks 7 Caring components   in the composition formula, means Fa NutriSkin   take care of your skin and give it intensive care. The collection for the gentle cleansing every woman can choose from delicate natural flavor that will be enjoyed - green tea, white peach or berry acai .

 Fa NutriSkin: care from head to toe
 Step 2: 48 hours freshness

Gamma highly deodorants, antiperspirants Fa NutriSkin   It gives 48 hour protection against sweat and odor and gentle skin care. Effect on the skin particularly gently without drying it, and without hindering the natural breathing. Secret products - a unique formula 7 Caring components .

The collection deodorants, antiperspirants Fa NutriSkin   includes sprays, sticks and rolls in three feminine fragrances. Fans of flawless black will appreciate deodorant antiperspirant Fa NutriSkin Invisible Control Leaves no residue on clothes.

 Fa NutriSkin: care from head to toe
 Step 3: The delicate skin

Bright innovation from the brand Fa - body lotions Fa NutriSkin   - Allow harmoniously complete the ritual of beauty and skin to provide up to 48 hours of intensive hydration. Thanks to a light and delicate texture means it is quickly absorbed, leaving no trace on clothes, and has a pleasant feel with a soft and well-groomed skin.

The new collection body lotions Fa NutriSkin   includes three tools to help the skin to find the beauty and health:

Body lotion Intensive care Shea butter and white peach   It nourishes and restores dry and "tired" skin, restoring its softness, silky and natural beauty.

Body lotion The elasticity of the skin Caffeine and Green Tea   It fills the skin with new energy, gives tone, firmness and elasticity.

Body lotion Moisturizing Aloe Vera and Acai Berry   It helps the skin maintain proper moisture balance and gives smoothness and a healthy appearance.

Equity line Fa Nutri Skin will go on sale in June 2011.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila