Gwyneth Paltrow against Botox, but not against plastic breasts
 In an interview with the German magazine «OK! "Gwyneth Paltrow named plastic surgery on his face absolutely futile exercise, but was in favor of breast implants. In addition, women cautioned against excessive enthusiasm yoga.

38-year-old Hollywood actress is famous not only impeccable style, but always taut figure and youthful skin. Of course, Gwyneth watching them pay more attention to nutrition and physical activity. However, by means of plastic surgery to resort does not want to, either now or in the future. On it says the actress.

The only thing that will Gwyneth - an operation to adjust the chest. Gwyneth have two children (daughter Apple and son Moses), and she believes that after feeding her breasts will never be the same as before pregnancy. "I think Botox and silicone futile exercise, but the adjustment using breasts surgery - why not? It is not nothing but a return to the original state. "

Not so long ago circled the Internet stories about how Gwyneth exhausts himself workouts in order to stay in shape and maintain harmony. Most of the girls rushed to follow her example, loading themselves daily gym and yoga classes. However, in an interview with «OK! "Actress warns girls against unreasonably frequent workouts.

Paltrow says that too often yoga destroyed her body. "I lost my curves, had no waist, I became almost square" - says the actress. She had to rectify the situation Pilates and stretching exercises. Now the actress even glad that she did not always have an hour a day to yoga, but five minutes a day to meditate always highlights.

Author: Julia Gnedina