Hobbyportal.ru: Competition "The Wonders of polymer clay Sculpey. Ornaments "
 Author's jewelry - the perfect piece of jewelry that will satisfy even the most refined connoisseurs. We invite everyone to take part in the contest of modeling jewelry from polymer clay Sculpey on handmade portal Hobbyportal.ru.

Polymer Clay Sculpey, US production - one of the most popular plastic in the world! The variety of clay, you can create your own unique masterpieces! Soft and plastic clays used in the children's creativity, for example, plastic, which turns into an eraser after baking. Professional Series solid plastic designed specifically for sophisticated master of puppeteers. From lightweight plastics can create gorgeous, original and exclusive decoration. Do you have a great opportunity to express their imagination and win great prizes from the range of polymer clay Sculpey!

  To enter the contest you must post the work on the site from 15 August to 13 October 2011 .

  Work should be done on the theme of the contest: "Wonders of polymer clay Sculpey. Jewellery "and confirmed by photographs implementation process (from beginning to end, in several stages).

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Author: Hobbyportal.ru