NEW: eyeliner sticker
 Stickers help to make eye makeup in the style of smoky eyes, you may have seen repeatedly. And now come and stickers that can turn eyeliner in an ideal and creative. Dior has offered a novelty among the first.

In autumn 2011 the eyes focus. Nude effect remains for the summer. And in the coming season in dramatic fashion and even a bit theatrical eye makeup.

In order to achieve artistic eyeliner you will need certain skills, or a set of stickers, similar to that recently released Dior. It was created by makeup artists of the brand. The result of the application - you have a smooth, rich in color eyeliner, optionally decorated with crystals Swarovski.

Set stickers Dior includes:
- 4 pairs of stickers: 2 pure black, one with gray crystals, one with white crystals
- Glue.

 NEW: eyeliner sticker
Worth naborchik-podvodok stickers from Dior $ 59

How can they be applied:
- For dry skin without makeup.
- Carefully loosen the sticker-liner from the silicone base.
- Apply the sticker on the lash line. You can first apply a little glue on the sticker.
- To remove the sticker is only gently detach the sticker from the edge of the skin.
- After use, put the sticker back on the silicon substrate. In this case, it will not lose its properties, and it can be used again.

 NEW: eyeliner sticker
Makeup by Dior, Fall-2011, SS-2011

Generally, the use of stickers makeup is likely to soon become commonplace. Stickers Shadow, probably nobody will be surprised, like stickers for make-up lips. Technology can be different: for example, and decals and temporary tattoos for example. But the meaning is clear - to make different styles of makeup most accessible.

 NEW: eyeliner sticker

Author: Julia Gnedina