Protecting appeal to 48 with new deodorants Samay DeJour
 Heposredstvennost, sparkling laughter and a sincere smile - a girl, which display these qualities are never left unattended. And if the cold makes exquisite beauty to admire a distance, the natural charm, joyous and merry twinkle in his eyes attract, like a magnet. It is for these girls new deodorant Camay is included in the collection of funds for skin care Dejour with the scent of sparkling grape.

Deodorants from collection Dejour   by Camay - is not only delicious flavor, but also reliable protection up to 48 hours. With them you can be sure of its appeal, because they are completely absorbed, not mask the smell of sweat due to the unique technology of BCD. This technology uses thermal radiation your body, activating molecules that absorb the smell of sweat and give a light, sparkling wave of flavor Dejour   of Camay.

Fresh, bold flavor Dejour   Camay with the scent of sparkling grape leaves a subtle reminder of the warm evenings, dating and unforgettable summer sunsets. He, like the glass of a light sparkling wine to fully disclose the nature of the girl Dejour   - Exhilarating, joyful and full of charm of naturalness.

 Protecting appeal to 48 with new deodorants Samay DeJour

Deodorants Camay Dejour   available in three different ways: spray, roller stick. Collection Dejour   also includes a body lotion, shower gel and scented soap. Light sparkling grape flavor and tender texture cheer up while taking a shower, and treatments for the skin.

This summer, a fascinating journey into the world of the most vivid dreams and fantasies with inspiring sparkling fragrance Camay Dejour . After all, when you're so confident in its appeal, any dreams of a vacation can be a reality!

Samay. Captivates every feature.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila