Refreshing with Head & Shoulders
 Just a couple of months ago we were looking forward to the summer and grandiose plans. And now, when we are waiting in front of the heat and the sun, we begin to think about a refreshing coolness. And if to brush up "body and soul" cocktail cool enough, the hair and scalp should be something special. We are introducing a series of summer shampoo Head & Shoulders: «Energy Ocean," "The ice in the Arctic" and "Menthol 2 in 1".

In anticipation of the summer each of us begins to build its own, grandiose plans: someone is going to get the perfect tan, some new experiences and friends, only dandruff is not interested in our plans - most people do not even know what the heat can cause dandruff.

Scorching sun has a negative effect on our hair. Add to this the constant shortage of water in the body, and you get the "ideal" conditions for the appearance of dandruff. To avoid this, be reserved in advance shampoos from the series refreshing Head & Shoulders. With a collection of shampoos you will not have to think about dandruff and you will be able to 100% enjoy the summer.

 Refreshing with Head & Shoulders
 Head & Shoulders Ocean Energy   gives hair and scalp being able to force the water element. The unique formula with sea salt in combination with a light invigorating aroma will help you maintain self-confidence, even in the "hot" moments.

 Refreshing with Head & Shoulders
 Head & Shoulders Ice Arctic   - This extra cooling! Whatever the heating did not reach the passion in your life, your head will keep "icy calm!"

 Refreshing with Head & Shoulders
 Head & Shoulders Menthol 2 1   It contains natural menthol. It gives a sense of the scalp cool and pleasant tingling and hair - a dazzling purity and vitality.

This is the first year they will not only take care of our hair and effectively fight dandruff, but also give them a truly refreshing coolness, comparable only with a glass of refreshing mojito. Enjoy the summer sun, and when it becomes hot, do not forget: on the shelf in the bathroom you are always waiting for a refreshing substitute plan by Head & Shoulder, and the kitchen - non-alcoholic mojito.

Head & Shoulders recommends: How to protect yourself from the heat and give a feeling of freshness

Recipe 1: Freshness Hair and Scalp
You will need:
Any of the summer series shampoo Head & Shoulders

The required amount of shampoo, apply on hair. Massage your hair with your fingertips, rinse with water and dry with a towel. And you're ready for summer adventures! :)

Recipe 2: freshness for body and soul
You will need:
1 lime
500 ml. soda
Article 5 lozhek saxa? 8%
puchok mint

Lime cut into slices, add the mint leaves and sugar and mash thoroughly. Add ice and fill with soda.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila