SYOSS «Dodge": perfect white
 SYOSS presents a new collection of hair dye for a luxurious blond color without yellowing.

In the summer so want to be blonde - hair shining in the sun refreshes the face, riveting the attention of others, and so they are suitable for tanning! Thanks to modern technology staining become a major beautiful beach parties a snap!

Achieve dazzling blond color and shine to the hair and can be at home. SYOSS is an affordable and high quality solution for the natural-born blonde. In May 2011, the brand is launching a new collection of hair dye SYOSS «clarifier" The result of which is comparable to the staining effect salon. Now, stunning colors, became a "visiting card" of Brigitte Bardot and other blondes, celebrities, available for every woman!

To become a luxurious platinum blonde, now do not have to spend the whole day at the beauty salon. Painting from the new collection SYOSS «Dodge" with high-lightening ingredients can be easily applied, carefully lightens hair and cares for them, thanks Silk proteins making them flowing and shiny.

 SYOSS «Dodge": perfect white
   Shades SYOSS «clarifier" allows to choose the most suitable type of clarification without unwanted yellowness than as "sin" poor-quality paint.

Collection SYOSS «Dodge" is represented by three types of clarifiers to create a complete image of the summer:

- Middle brightener . It helps make your hair lighter by 4 tone without yellowing. Ideal for those who dream about the blond tint, but wants to keep the most natural.

- Strong bleach . It makes the hair lighter 6 shades without yellowness. Due to contained ingredients care of hair, giving them shine. The bundled blond-activator to produce the desired shade.

- Intense bleach . For those who are used to engage the attention of others and loves to stand out from the crowd. This shade makes the hair up to 7 shades lighter and help create a unique image with no yellowing even at home. The bundled blond-activator to enhance the lightening effect.

 SYOSS «Dodge": perfect white
Medium, heavy and intense brighteners SYOSS

Packaging of paint from the collection SYOSS «clarifier" immediately attracts the attention of its understated and sophisticated design with gold elements. The packaging indicated professional digital signage shades - the same hair dye designed for beauty salons.

Author: Julia Gnedina