Welcome to I specialized exhibition "BUMPROM"!
 From 10 to November 13, 2011 you will fall premiere - I specialized trade fair "BUMPROM", which will be held at ul. Krasnoproletarskaya d.36, Exhibition Hall "Amber Plaza".

Exhibition includes:

- Scrapbooking, Quilling, Calligraphy, Decoupage, Bumagoplastika, Paper paintings, Kardmeyking, papier-mache, paperclay, Collage and floristic collage, origami Modular origami balls Kusudama, applications, templates, layout, paper dolls

- Articles and accessories for paper art and hobby: decorative paper, stamps and seals, adhesives and adhesive materials

- Packaging materials: paper, cardboard boxes for souvenirs, ribbons, decorations

The main heroine of the exhibition will be Her Majesty Paper, versatile and most valuable invention of mankind. She formed and determined the life and development of civilization in many areas. Works from the paper reflect the artistic traditions of the peoples and the outlook, artistic experience and perception of the world, preserve historical memory. The scope of the paper is very diverse and the limits of its functional use is not clearly defined.

The exposition of the "BUMPROM" introduces the multifaceted and harmonious world of paper: a variety of areas of decorative techniques, refined and subtle stories, amazing and attractive images, three-dimensional and multi-layered textures, patterns and classic works of modern masters.

Leading teachers of Russian and foreign teachers recognized share secrets and give tips for beginners guests and visitors.

The exhibition program includes competitions and special events: entertaining workshops and master spectacular show for all areas of the paper.

A special place in the exhibition will occupy an exhibition of works by quilling, calligraphy, origami, paper, plastic, paper paintings.

Special Projects exhibition:
- The project "Boom AGA"
- The project "Viva paperclay! "
- The project "Clay. Scissors. Paper! "
- Defile "Paper COUTURE"
- The "super card"
- Action "decoupage Drive» together with the magazine "do it yourself"

To participate in the I specialized exhibition "BUMPROM" invited:   retail companies, stores and showrooms, online stores, workshops, training centers, courses and studio art paper, publishing houses and the media, associations and unions, schools, workshops, designers and craftsmen.

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Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina