Naomi Campbell not to eat meat every day and playing sports
 Naomi is so well known that everyone calls her by name only. Italian Vogue took the famous dark-skinned models a little interview. Naomi is now closely links its work with Italy because it invited the Italian fashion brand Fiorucci to produce its own line of jeans.

The line of jeans by Fiorucci Naomi come to the consumer of the season Spring / Summer 2012 will be sold all over the world.

Italian Vogue journalists could not ask Naomi about her beauty secrets. It turns out that everything is very simple: "I do not eat meat or drink alcohol, and at least 90 minutes every day for sports."

Campbell also told that it is always guarded his privacy from invasion. That is why it does not have a page in Facebook and Twitter microblog. "I value the personal space and personal time" - he spoke model.

Now Naomi a lot of plans, she still wants to achieve a lot, and believes that it helps in achieving any goals of its strong character, determination and talent.

Naomi Campbell in the modeling industry for over 20 years. She graced the covers of the most influential fashion magazine during that time, for some it was the first black model, which has been invited to cover. And for the first time appeared on the cover of 15 years, for Elle.

The secret of their successful photo shoots she believes that it is always fully trusted photographers with whom she worked.

Since 1986 Naomi collects things that give her impressions after designers. It does nothing to give and not to throw, and now she plucked a decent collection. Naomi is not going to part with it. There is another thing that Naomi road. She appears with her almost always - a black tourmaline.


Author: Julia Gnedina