The first perfume from Mercedes-Benz
 The company Mercedes-Benz and INCC Group announced on June 21 in Versailles, the launch of a new project. INCC Group received a license to develop, manufacture and distribute worldwide the first line of fragrances from Mercedes-Benz.

After 125 years after the release of the first car, Mercedes-Benz will launch the first fragrance. The premiere of the new fragrance will be held in Cannes in September of this year, then the brand will officially announce the creation of odor. Most likely, then the design will be presented to the first flask and the composition of the perfume composition, while it is all kept secret.

INCC Group - producer of spirits, is located in the outskirts of Paris, a few minutes from the famous Chateau de Versailles. Recently, the company specializes in the purchase of licensing rights on premium brands and launching new fragrances under the world famous names. Perfumes from Mercedes-Benz will be available in 2012.

As for the logo Mercedes, it is not only cars. Mercedes-Benz brand close to the world of fashion and beauty. Besides cars, a Mercedes-Benz brand produced another 12 brands, including Mercedes-Benz Accessories. A Mercedes-Benz-Daimler for many years in a row is the main sponsor of fashion weeks around the world, and sponsors many events in the sport.

 The first perfume from Mercedes-Benz

Author: Julia Gnedina