Aerin Lauder left the company of his grandmother, to open a new brand
 Aerin Lauder left her job as a senior vice president and creative director in the company of his family Estée Lauder, to create their own fashion brand. While the third position on the effect of the shareholder she is leaving.

Now Aerin searching for a new team project. As partners had invited Anna Wintour, the editor in chief of American Vogue, as well as the former head of NBC Universal Jeff Zucker. Both will be included in the management of the new company. Wintour - consultant and Zucker - chief.

40-year-old Aerin Lauder decided to take a new height. Her project will be a fashion brand, which produces accessories, pottery, porcelain and jewelry. Some of the jewels of the new brand will be created based on the famous jewelry Aerin grandmother, Estee Lauder.

Office space Lauder has already found, the company will be based on 57th street in New York City, a few blocks from the headquarters of Estée Lauder in the same building where the offices are now Tom Ford.

The company Estée Lauder bit cautious about the news of the departure of Aerin. "A family member leaves the family business," but she wished success in his new endeavors and even left her place adviser and member of the Board of Directors.


Author: Julia Gnedina