"Bioclinic" from Oriflame - a revolutionary skin care
 Oriflame is proud to present an innovative cosmeceutical line means "Bioclinic" developed specifically to address the specific problems of the skin.

Cosmetic skin care has become a familiar daily ritual for most women. But in the case of specific problems we prefer to turn to a professional cosmetologist. Now, with the advent of cosmeceutical, you can own to deal with skin problems without resorting to the services of dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

An international team of experts Oriflame Skin Research Center in Stockholm has been studying the structure of the epidermis at the cellular level, the actions of the active ingredients and methods of transdermal delivery. Over 5 years of research in the specially created laboratory "Bioclinic"   under the leadership of Alain Mavona possible to create a series of cosmetic products that help solve the problems of the skin, appearing as a result of violations of Bioregulation processes in the epidermis.

Alain Mavon , Ph.D., Director of Research Laboratory "Bioclinic" : "Recent studies have shown that the weakening of self-defense mechanism of the epidermis is the main cause of serious skin problems. Action funds the innovative series "Bioclinic" aimed at eliminating the problem and restore the protective mechanisms. And we are proud that our research and development have come close to the world of medicine " .

Designed with the latest achievements in the field of aesthetic medicine means cosmeceutical line "Bioclinic"   by Oriflame professionally solve one of the most common skin problems - loss of elasticity. Day and night creams "Bioclinic"   have a strong lifting effect, tighten and smooth the skin by strengthening the structure of the epidermis, thanks to the concentrated formula and innovative content Cell-Innov ™

Technology Cell-Innov ™
The technology Cell-Innov ™   put a combination of three active ingredients have a strong lifting effect: pure stabilized retinol, stimulates the production of collagen, a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (LMWHA), having increased penetrating power and retain moisture in the cells of the epidermis, and a peptide, reducing the elasticity of the skin due to exposure to the cellular level.

Day Lifting Concentrate   instantly tightens the skin and smoothes the surface and protects the epidermis from adverse factors throughout the day. Night regenerating lifting cream "Bioclinic"   strengthens epidermal cells overnight, restoring the skin's natural resilience elasticity. Both products are clinically tested.

Clinically proven results
With regular use, skin is noticeably tightened, there is a restoration of skin cells and strengthen the extracellular matrix, stimulate the production of new structural proteins.

Immediate lifting effect:
- Significant reduction of wrinkles
- The skin is smoothed
- The skin looks firmer and toned

Packaging Features
The innovative formula requires special protection, so day and night creams "Bioclinic" packed in special airtight metal bottles with pump-pump. Such packaging ensures that before application to the skin means not enter into the oxidation reaction and is protected against delamination and destruction by microbes. The outer layer of the packaging, are resistant to UV rays, protect the light-sensitive concentrated formula from destruction and prolongs its effectiveness.

A computer with internet access is not always at hand - unlike a mobile phone! Now, with his help, you can learn more about the products Oriflame. Look for special QR-code on the pages in the catalog, which presents a series of innovative tools for skin care "Bioclinic." To use the code, you'll need to download a special program for reading two-dimensional bar code in the smartphone. With a mobile phone camera you can take photos a unique matrix code that is automatically considered and transformed into a link to go to a special website www.oriflame.com/bioclinic, where you will receive additional information about the new series "Bioclinic."

The new line "Bioclinic" presents:

Daytime lifting concentrate "Bioclinic"
The concentrated cream contains pure retinol, hyaluronic acid and a peptide that increases skin elasticity. It produces an instant and long-lasting lifting effect. SPF 15 stimulates protective mechanisms in the epidermis. 30 ml
Price: 810 rubles.

Night regenerating lifting cream "Bioclinic"
Nourishing cream contains pure retinol, hyaluronic acid and a peptide that increases skin elasticity. Produces a deep lifting effect, reinforces the extracellular matrix and stimulates the production of new structural proteins. 30 ml
Price: 840 rubles.

The line "Bioclinic" on sale from 4 April 2011.

Author: MyJane.ru: Lavrushina Lyudmila