Cindy Crawford says current models too thin
 The famous supermodel 90 Cindy Crawford said that is absolutely not jealous of modern girls models. Today's working conditions and standards of beauty are too complicated, says Cindy. And she would not become a celebrity today.

45-year-old Cindy Crawford believes that it is very difficult to get work as a model. "Too much competition and you need to have a lot of talent to get through! ". In addition, the standards of beauty are far from those for which became a model Crawford.

"When I worked as a model, size 6 (in Russia - 42 th) was the norm for us. Today, the girls have and 2nd (38th), and 0 (36 minutes). "

It should be noted that the supermodel 90 still in demand. Many are already over 40, and they have children. Cindy Crawford is just one of the famous cohort with supermodels Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer and Christy Turlington.

Cindy Crawford is not out on the podium. And he says that keen on family and children. As for aging, she likes to repeat a phrase of his mother "Better wrinkles from smiling than frowning on his forehead." Therefore preach optimism and enjoyment of life. This is the secret of her youth.

Cindy Crawford almost 13 years married to an entrepreneur Rand Gerber, and their two children, Kaya (9 years) and Presley (11).

 Cindy Crawford says current models too thin

Supermodel says would like to see children grow up healthy. And the main thing in it - a personal example. "I think that children absorb more than what you do than what you say." So happy to take them on their training.

Photo: PA, AP

Author: Julia Gnedina