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 Magazine "» № 5-2011 on sale April 25

The announcement of the May issue of "":

Marina Klebnikov: An Education
The rapid pace of modern life is very different from what it was 20-30 years ago. The newest technologies, the need to comply with the new realities, the huge flow of information make our children grow faster, adapt to new developments in science, natural phenomena and situations. Are computer games of this game? What loses our children today? How do parents find a common language with the child of the XXI century? These and many other difficult issues we have discussed with the popular Russian singer Marina Khlebnikov, mother charming daughter Nicky.

Fitness for beginners
What is in the best shape to the body before birth, the easier it will be for yourself childbirth and the easier it will get back in shape after them. This truth knows every expectant mom. Although pregnancy - is not the time to decide "get in shape" or hard to start doing sports for those who formerly never practiced it, but the reason to give up moderate exercise does not.

Tatiana's house
Maternity hospital number 11 - more than 20 years. In human terms a short period, but for the medical institution - a pretty solid. Between themselves, the staff call it "Tatiana's House" - because almost all positions of responsibility in it is occupied by Tatiana.

Where are their mothers
This exciting event is always prepared in advance. For about a month the expectant mother collects things that were needed at the hospital, put in a separate bag the ones that need to bring in the statement. And when, at last, comes the long-awaited day, the newly formed mom in the morning starts phoning family and friends, worrying about what they are anything but forgotten.

About school exams
May marks not only the sequence of events, the approach of the summer holidays, but school graduation test. Completion of training in this first social institution - an important event in the life of every human being. Rent - do not pass? I will do - will do not? To hide a crib? All of us in the eleventh class had to smash his head on these issues. Oh what a time to remember the examination stars of Russian show business.

Special project BABYFRAME
The birth of a child for each family - is no incomparable joy that only multiplied over the years. After being discharged from the hospital the parents waiting for many more holidays and memorable events: christenings, birthday party, first tooth, first steps, first time in first class. Time flies, and children grow up even faster. Forever keep that feeling of happiness and excitement that you experienced at the time the baby's born, will help a unique gift - a miniature showcase.

Moscow Oceanarium
There in Moscow is one amazing place, where year-round summer reigns. This piece of paradise is conveniently located almost in the heart of the bustling metropolis, near the metro station "Pure ponds". If you look here, you take a fantastic journey not just in the tropics, and in the fantasy world of the other elements - the Queen-water. Moscow oceanarium happy to offer to all its guests to immerse themselves in the world is so colorful and different from the urban landscape that impressions of his visit will be enough for at least a month of blissful trance.

Lifesaver Lesi Yaroslavl
The soloist of the group "Tutsi" Les Yaroslavl immersed in a pleasant, but vain efforts: a young family finally received a long-awaited apartment! New housing in Naro-Fominsk require resettlement. But in the hands of another, and two-year Lesi Lisa, which need attention, love, care and development. How to deal with all at once? "My main assistant - is, of course, my mother - says Les. - Mom always waiting in the wings. " The fact that even helps in the education of daughters Lesya, says the young mother.

Fairy East
Perhaps, everyone, young and old, knows the wonderful characters of oriental fairy tales - Hodja Nasreddin, Scheherazade - and dreaming at least for a moment, to be in an atmosphere of mystery and elegant East. Two floors of the restaurant, "Khoja Nasreddin in Khiva" in the capital - two of the world of the ancient city of Khiva, where children's dreams become a reality. Young adults gourmets can feel the real sultans and taste the Uzbek dishes cooked over an open fire. Handmade carpets, national musical instruments, antique utensils, waiters in oriental clothes and delicious cuisine create a truly oriental mood that so has the warm, family time.

Why is the baby hiccups?
Hiccups - an unpleasant condition, but is usually not dangerous. Iowa farmer Charles Osborne would agree with this, because he has lived almost all his life, hiccuping - attack had lasted 68 years! During this time he had more than once to get married and give birth to children and believed that it was the prayers of his daughter Melissa and saved him in the end, from the scourge.

Charity:   While waiting for a fourth child

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Author: Julia Gnedina