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 Magazine "» № 5-2011 on sale from April 25, 2011

The announcement of the May issue of ""

Irena Ponaroshku: "Down with condoms - let's go in the maternity ward! "
Red, selfish, bitchy - these words describes himself popular TV presenter Irena fun. A couple of years ago she known party girl, restless, lively, every day is not like the previous one, I did not even think about family and children. However, in the autumn of last year, fans of the "girl with the strange name" was no more doubt that Irena is preparing to become a mother. Despite the fact that the popular TV carefully guards his life from prying eyes, for our magazine she decided to make an exception. Just a week before delivery, we managed to communicate with incendiary Irena Ponaroshku and ask her how she prepares for the birth of the baby.

 Magazine "» № 5-2011 on sale from April 25, 2011

Belly of future mom
At the beginning of pregnancy, a woman waiting tummy appears as the most obvious and visible sign of all its new position. And every week, every day brings new discoveries and it cause a new sensation.

 Magazine "» № 5-2011 on sale from April 25, 2011

Fasting days
Some women do it in advance, the other - after learning of her pregnancy. But somehow the vast majority of expectant mothers during gestation baby follow the principles of proper nutrition, selecting only healthy foods and strictly monitor their weight.

Pregnant women suffering
Few of expectant mothers pass "cup" that causes nausea in the morning at the beginning of pregnancy and swelling, pressure and any further unforeseen problems - closer to its end. Even when the entire pregnancy flutter like a butterfly happens the days in which the state of health is poor. Make a new life is not so easy for any woman. And the stars - is no exception.

We are struggling with edema
Most obstetricians now believe the presence of softly expressed edemas are not accompanied by an increase in blood pressure and protein in the urine during normal pregnancy. It is difficult to keep the body within, when liquid is circulated in the body almost two times higher than before pregnancy. Still edema - an alarming symptom, and only a doctor can decide whether they are physiological or indicate problems such as preeclampsia, varicose veins, kidney or heart failure. Follow guidelines to help prevent edema, can be, but the self-diagnosis and self-engaged in the expectant mother is not worth it.

Summer outfits
Modern active future mothers are not afraid of a vacation "with the stomach at the ready." They boldly dive into the depths of the sea and rocky cliffs to climb. And if you do not get too carried away and not to overwork the exotic, why not relax and where you want? The main thing - to take care of their own comfort in the pleasant days.

How to begin deliveries
Approaching the decisive day of the birth. Anxiety and worrying about when it will come, how will labor, the desire to see his long-awaited baby tend to almost all women. The long weeks of waiting, especially the last few days, are anxiously impatient.

 Magazine "» № 5-2011 on sale from April 25, 2011

Movement in labor
If the new mother does not spend much time lying down and upright, her and her child to help nature itself. Gravity gently "pulls" down the kid, he's stronger pressure on the cervix, that effectively and gently opens - births occur naturally and easily. That is why, if during childbirth did not have unforeseen complications, it is better to spend freely in traffic and - even dance!

Cesarean section
Caesarean section is used in obstetric practice for centuries. In earlier times, it ended happily almost a miracle. However, with the development of medical science more and more babies and mothers managed to save it is through surgery.

 Magazine "» № 5-2011 on sale from April 25, 2011

I became a mother. What next?
"Ten months back, and now the baby was born! The time has come "not pregnant" life, now comfortable to sleep on my stomach, wear your favorite clothes ... "So think every mother who has recently had a baby. However, after the birth a woman's life there comes a crucial period: baby care requires a lot of effort and patience, but the body is not yet quite recovered.

Con hand
How difficult it is to put the crumbs in the bed. What if it is not a bed at all? Lifesaver often become a place to sleep, is an alternative, but very comfortable - each in its format. Most of them are also portable, which for a busy household chores young mother - a real salvation.

Work at home
How to make money sitting at home with the child? This question can excite and lonely mother, forced to worry about their own little family subsistence, and it is secured by a married lady. When there is a child in the family, growing and requests and spending. There is a way - a home run. Especially that the possibilities for this - a lot.

 Magazine "» № 5-2011 on sale from April 25, 2011

Stewed fruit, juice, jelly
With the nutrition of infants children is simple: before the introduction of complementary foods they eat or the mother's milk or artificial mixture. However, the older the child becomes, the more it expands diet. And quietly there comes a time when the baby yesterday, there are real breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

Baby in hospital
Hospital - the place of residence which is not insured, alas, no. Are there too like adults, but they do not care much easier than young patients of the clinic.

 Magazine "» № 5-2011 on sale from April 25, 2011

Recipe for harmony from Anna Janowska
Reset couple of extra kilos dream of 80% of women. Particularly acute is the desire manifested after pregnancy, childbirth and the inevitable weight gain. The finale is usually the same: in the end losing weight wakes up ravenous appetite. Reining it - not an easy task, but it is real. To learn how to do it, now tell the popular theater and film actress, mother of two children, Anna Yanovska.

Also in this issue:   Consultation obstetrician-gynecologist, a lawyer, a pediatrician, an overview of the shops, the Internet site of exhibition, company news, events, opinion column, hits sales.

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