Photoshop in advertising of cosmetics - for or against?
 The French brand Make Up For Ever neretushirovannuyu released the first campaign of its products. The premiere took place a couple of weeks ago, and the idea is that the pictures of the models are not subjected to absolutely no editing and processing. And the Internet is an ongoing debate - and whether to abandon Photoshop in cosmetics advertising?

The idea Advertisers Make Up For Ever is understandable. Still would. For advertising images will be broadcast on giant screens and even with this super-increase will be seen that the model does not require any retouching by means of Make Up For Ever. The same can be said about the glossy pages that are under scrutiny fashionistas. Progress is good, of course.

Talk of a new advertising concept went on. Blogger vying argue: they want or not to see neretushirovannye pictures. How to stimulate the purchase of visible lines, wrinkles and open pores on the faces of the models.

 Photoshop in advertising of cosmetics - for or against?
Advertising company professional makeup Make Up For Ever, without Photoshop (Make Up For Ever HD Not Retouched).

 Photoshop in advertising of cosmetics - for or against?
Tonal basis new professional HD Invisible Cover Foundation was first advertised without retouching the models.

On the history issue is to add the following. More in 2009, the French government has proposed to prohibit the use in advertising of processed photos, explaining that the consumer is misled and becomes the object of manipulation. This idea, in fact, not so new. For example, many remember the April issue of French Marie Claire in 2010, which was made entirely without retouching, including advertising pages. By the way, the French law banning Photoshop in advertising has created, it waits for the discussion at the European level.

What do you think?   We would like to look at the raw image in advertising of cosmetics? Would cosmetics so attractive to the consumer, if the advertisement will only be used neretushirovannye photo?

Author: Julia Gnedina