Some foods are addictive, similar to drug
 Until recently, the scientific community with irony about the idea that some foods cause a person addiction like alcohol or drugs. Indeed, people who love pizza, quite safely tolerate her absence. However, according to a study conducted by experts at Yale University, foods high in fat and sugar can cause chemical changes in the body, causing people can increase the intake of these foods.

Researchers from Yale University conducted a study in which were able to distinguish between people who are dependent on food from those who just likes to eat a lot. Study participants completed a questionnaire and underwent a procedure scintigraphy (scanning) of the brain. During the scan, the participants showed an image milkshake and fixed response of the brain the picture. It is noteworthy that some people from a glance at the cocktail activated area of ​​the brain responsible for pleasure.

The researchers also noticed that most people on the fat and sweet food begins to produce dopamine - a neurotransmitter that stimulates the pleasure areas in the brain. However, some people dopamine is produced in small quantities, so they tend to eat more sweet or fat to enjoy.

The results of this study may shed light on why some people are so hard to control yourself during a diet.

Author: Julia Gnedina