Valery against domestic violence
 Popular singer and honored artist of Russia Valery steel after social program Avon «Say no to domestic violence" For activism singer Valeria this year added another title of honor - the Ambassador of the social program Avon «Say no to domestic violence." Now Valeria is not only to fight against human trafficking as part of its Goodwill Ambassador of the International Organization for Migration to the United Nations, but also to help their compatriots to cope with this terrible problem of domestic violence.

In 2004, Avon launched a social program to combat domestic violence, which currently exists in 50 countries. In total, by the end of 2010 by Avon worldwide it sent more than $ 30 million to support information campaigns, educational programs and assistance to victims of domestic violence.

In 2010, Avon announced the launch of a new social program "Say no to domestic violence" in Russia. After the program was the first known TV presenter Tasha Strong.

Domestic violence - a problem that could face any woman what the singer Valeria firsthand a few years ago. Now, as the official conductor of the most important new social program ideas Avon, Honored Artist will be able to show by example to thousands of women how to overcome the spiritual crisis and force yourself not to perceive domestic violence as the norm.

The first step in the framework of the social program Avon «Say no to domestic violence" was the opening of the All-Russia free helpline for women subjected to domestic violence. March 17, 2011 at a press conference dedicated to this event, Valeria gave a speech in support of victims of family aggression.

Singer Valeria:   "I am sincerely glad that thanks to a new social program Avon« Let's say no to domestic violence "I had the opportunity to help women facing problems in the family. In our country, not to talk about the beatings and humiliations aloud - I experienced it myself. With the new program, Avon, the first draft of which was the Russian free helpline for women subjected to violence in the family, we will be able to break the "wall of silence".

Number of All-Russia free helpline: 8 800 7000 600

Author: Julia Gnedina