Collection of new fragrances by Pupa
 The Italian brand Pupa presents six new flavors, forming a collection of Air de Fio. New scents are inspired by the nature and are intended for women who like modern floral arrangements.

Each of the six vials of a drop of rain, inside which a unique flavor. Bottles made of glass with metal lids, decorated with flowers (different colors depending on the smell). Flowers, which decorated bottles - handmade. Each vial - this eau de toilette 75 ml, costing 28 euros.

 Collection of new fragrances by Pupa

Collection Pupa Air de Fio:

- Air de Fio No1. The fragrance with refreshing top notes of mandarin, blackcurrant and rice. The "heart" - white iris, heliotrope, lily base notes - cedar, vanilla, amber and musk.

- Air de Fio No2. Opens tangerine and mango. Heart notes - osmanthus, rose petals, cardamom. Base - patchouli, musk and amber.

- Air de Fio No3. Like a girl who prefer romantic top notes of apple blossoms, freesia and a refreshing lemon. The "heart" - lily, jasmine, red flowers, in the base - musk, amber, cedar.

- Air de Fio No4. This passion. The top notes - baccarat rose, violet, freesia, apple. Heart notes are feminine - jasmine, mountain lily, tiger lily, plum. Base notes of warm patchouli, musk and wood Swallowtail.

- Air de Fio No5. Opens tangerine, lemon, red berries. In the center - nectarine, jasmine and freesia. The loop - a sensual duet musk and cedar.

- Air de Fio No6. At the top - peach and apricot with delicate green leaves of violets. The "heart" - jasmine, magnolia, apple, in the database - amber and musk.

 Collection of new fragrances by Pupa

Author: Julia Gnedina