Gillette Venus is the first ever international ambassador - Jennifer Lopez
 The world-famous icon of pop music, actress, designer, TV and music producer, philanthropist, and at the same time, a devoted wife, mother, sister and friend Jennifer Lopez, the goddess of the day, it is the one and only goddess Venus. As the first international ambassador Venus Jennifer Lopez will inspire women around the world, helping them to feel like goddesses - confident, strong and beautiful internally and externally.

Lopez will participate in the marketing campaign Venus Embrace, 2011, which includes television commercials, PR, advertising in the press and the Internet, as well as at points of sale. In addition, as part of this campaign, it will record a remake of the popular hit Venus.

"Brand Venus inspires women and supports their commitment to excellence,   - Jennifer Lopez says. - Every woman can feel like a goddess, it needs to strive to reveal a new facets of femininity and radiate inner glow. Due to Venus I look fine, which gives me confidence and gives you the opportunity to feel like a goddess " .

 Gillette Venus is the first ever international ambassador - Jennifer Lopez

"Jennifer Lopez - a real goddess Venus. Our brand extols women in all its guises, and Jennifer is an ideal embodiment of the values ​​Venus,   - Says Sonia Fife (Sonia Fife), global director of Venus. - Every woman wants to feel like a goddess, not only in special moments, but also in everyday life, and Jennifer Lopez do it better than anyone else. It is this goddess in the family with children, as well as performing on stage, showing their divine feet. Together with Venus Jennifer will share with you my personal experience in women ' .

"Music - one of the main passions in my life, so the ability to record and perform legendary song Venus - for me really special part of our joint campaign   - Adds Jennifer Lopez. - I like that in it I can express my emotions, passion, creative freedom, and thus inspire other women to follow my example " .

The site can hear an exclusive remake of the popular hit Venus by Jennifer Lopez and her personal story of the Goddess.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila